June 2021

Rescue the teenagers from online gambling addiction

We all know that online gambling has become an addiction to most of the people around the world. The addiction has not just targeted adults but also most of the teenagers. With less knowledge about gambling but the thought of mind that one large prize will change their day has made them addicted to online gambling in their daily life. But they don’t realize they not only lose their money in gambling but also their precious time that they can utilize to work or study.

Online gambling facts states that in the early stages of online gambling the people who are addicted to online gambling were in the age group of 30-54 but by the recent day stats and trend it has been calculated that most of the teenagers in the age of 16 start gambling with the help of some friends who are in elder to them and as per the age limit in casinos and online websites the age is legally said to be 18.

This makes a teenager explore the gambling world as soon as he gets into his 18s, and only few teenagers are said to leave gambling as soon as they explore the gambling world and get back to their reality. But almost 70-80% of the teenagers entering the gambling world are stuck into it for a very long time.

They don’t start off by entering into casinos and gambling centres as they have the fear of getting caught at home. Having online casinos has given them the advantage of even gambling from the place they have an internet accessed device.

How to protect teenagers from getting addicted?

To help teenagers to get caught in to the Judi slot addiction there few points that each and every parent must take as soon as they find their kinds in the late teenage some of them are:

  • Parents are advised to monitor their children’s activities on their internet gadgets.
  • Teenagers should be given the awareness about how this addiction would spoil their daily life.

And elders should guide their children and all teenagers how to live and live as a living example to lead a successful life as every kid or teenager looks up to elders to lead a good life.

By this you can be sure that the teenagers or your kids would be away and protected from the verge of getting addicted to gambling or online gambling.