April 2021

Basic gambling terms & phrases

Every gambler knows the problem faced by him to get familiar with the gambling terms. If you are a gambler and feel very confused in the casino then you may have a problem with the gambling terms. You can learn gambling phrases and terms through articles, blogs, videos. If you are a situs judi bola player then you also have to learn the gambling terms. You can visit our site for daftar situs judi bola as we are using very easy terms for beginners.

  • Bankroll 

Bankroll refers to the money that gamblers put aside just to play gambling games. If you are a professional gambling player then you need to maintain a bankroll. It protects your money by overspending, you will play freely with your bankroll.

  • Bet 

It indicates the money that you use to place in one game at a time. Sometimes the dealer sets a bet limit so you have to place bets accordingly. We recommend you place lower bets so that you will not face huge losses at a time and you can stay longer in the casino.

  • Balance 

Balance refers to the amount that is present in the player’s account. You can place bets with the balance amount only. It also means the money left in your account after playing gambling games.

  • Max bet 

Max bet means the maximum bet limit set by the player or the dealer. So you have to place the max bet of the fixed amount.

  • Bonus 

This is a kind of incentive provided by the site to all the players. It is generally provided to the new players to sign up with the site. Some sites also provide bonuses to the old players by the name of loyalty bonus. You have to give preference to the sites which provide a loyalty bonus to all the players.

  • Chips 

It is a kind of token provided by the site to play games in the casino. After entering the casino you have to buy chips and then use them to play. Chips are also called the currency of the casino.

  • Dealer 

It is an employee who just deals with the card and helps you to play. At every casino table, you will get at least one dealer.

All the above terms are very important for all gamblers. If you learn them then you will feel easy to understand the game and the casino as well. You can also take the help of an experienced gambler friend.