Wire Shelving – Perfect For Your Laundry Room!

Laundry Room

Have you ever tried lowes wire shelving? These shelves are perfect for any space in the house as they are easy to install, offer great storage space and can be styled to look good no matter what décor you have. Among the spaces where the wire shelves can be stored, the laundry room is one you wouldn’t think about, but which is perfect! The laundry room should be an organized place, but it often doesn’t look that chic. Believe it or not, you can make it look great with wire shelving! Here are some ideas for you!

There are different types of laundry room: big laundry rooms, small laundry rooms, traditional laundry rooms or modern ones. Which one is your type? When you decide to install wire shelving units in your laundry room, you need to match it with the interior. If you have a small laundry room, you can hang the shelves and place all the products you need there, such as detergent, cleaning products, and other stuff you use when washing clothes. Plus, you can place their towels or beautiful wooden baskets for dirty clothes.

When you have a bigger laundry room, things are a little different. You can afford more shelves; you can place the units anywhere and have more liberty to organize your stuff. It’s better to make the wire shelving the star of the laundry room. Are you worried that if you buy a wire shelving unit, all the stuff will be seen by anyone walking in the laundry room? Avoid that problem by storing your products in cute baskets. Or store the stuff in other drawers and use the shelving as pure décor: buy matching bottles to place your detergent and conditioner. Add cute décor objects that match the environment and some beautiful writing pictures or abstract paintings.

As you install the wire shelving unit into your laundry room, make sure to calculate the size, so it fits good without impairing the traffic. Plus, make sure you keep the instructions book it comes along with it, so you know how to disassemble it if you ever move. Wire shelves are great for any room, but what other shelves should you have that go well with the wire ones?

There are many other types of shelves, but here are the ones that go perfectly with the wire shelving: built-in shelving, open “wall-mounted shelving” or a combination of the two. Choosing the type of shelving depends on how much storage you need. The built-in shelving offers more storage options while the “open wall-mounted shelving” will look better. The third option usually fits the most needs, as it offers plenty storage options and it also goes well with wire shelves.

Finally, you should invest in wire shelving as it is one of the best options for cheap, chic and quick storage. These shelves have plenty of benefits, and they can be stored in any room!