December 2020

Shop For A High-Quality Deck Of Cards

For a hundred years, playing cards become a traditional pastime. However, a lot of people don’t realize that the playing cards’ design has diversified for more than the past century. Players now have an array of options to select the deck that they will be using. It is worthy to look at what is out instead of settling for the first inexpensive pack of cards available. Since the day that card games had become popular, the playing cards were printed on paper. The original playing cards are rounded corners to prevent them from getting damaged. Manufacturers had begun applying plastic coatings to the cards for durability. Nowadays, it is easy to find the high quality marked cards for magic and poker games.

Durable deck of playing cards

Plastic playing cards provide a slick surface that makes it easier for shuffling and dealing. Some of the manufacturers improve the feel of the cards by giving a linen finish to the surface. Due to the porous nature of the paper cards with plastic coatings, still it has shortcomings. A drink spill can ruin the deck of playing cards. The natural oil of the skin from the players’ hands can gradually leach in the cards for over a while. It makes the cards sticky and hard to deal with. The paper cards have easy to bend and tear characteristics. The unscrupulous players can easily mark paper cards by pressing their fingernails on the surface. Therefore, you should look for a durable deck of cards at that guarantees durability and high-quality. With this, players don’t need to worry about their paper cards as they finally have the durable cards printed on plastic.

Washable deck of cards

A plastic deck of playing cards is available now. It has no cardstock core, which is washable and non-porous. Once any drink spills on plastic cards, it is easy to dry off even dry with a towel. Therefore, it is easy to wash sticky cards with water and soap. Is there any downside to these plastic cards? For players looking for cheap playing cards, then this makes the downside of these washable deck of cards. Paper cards are cheaper when compared to these plastic cards, yet it has a reasonable price. But, the extra expense justifies the long lifespan of these decks of cards. Paper cards are still a better option but considered a disposable one.

Marked cards with contact lenses in gambling

Which playing cards do you need?

Did you know that playing cards have two standard sizes, namely;

  • Poker size. These cards are measured approximately 63 millimeters wide.
  • Bridge size. These cards are measured 56 millimeters wide.

Both sizes have 88 millimeters in length. Now, which width works for you? It depends on the users where they would use it. For players, they choose to pick the narrower width, which is the bridge size for easy holding lots of cards. For magicians, they pick the bridge size cards for an easier shuffle. However, whichever playing cards you are using, it has the same suits. It only differs on the card designs at the back and the colors used.