November 2020


All intending Bettors are enthusiastic about joining a website which allows them to entertain themselves as well as win some money. The presentation, content and language of the websites are designed to attract new Bettors immediately. But there are literally thousands of websites on the Internet which purport to be the most honest, comprehensive and realistic sites to offer gambling games. But sadly, the experience has been quite bitter for numerous Players. Vast amounts of money have already been lost on the Internet by intending gamblers. The siphoning off of honest tax-payers’ investments into online games by invisible criminals has shaken the faith of Players in the fairness of the conducting of the games offered.

So much so, that serious doubt is beginning to creep up about whether to play Online Games at all. Consequently, there has been serious study in all gambling countries and large responsible set-ups about possibilities of arresting the slide into lawlessness. Each country is attempting to solve the problem in its own way. Indonesia, where the online games have influenced all of South East Asia, has come up with a massive and powerful Agent Registration network program, headed by


The strong steps by which Enzibet has managed to control the situation so far are as follows:

  • Comprehensive research and discussions with both online gambling experts and Bettors have shown the way in Indonesia.
  • Reviews of Online Agents have been taken extremely thoroughly and seriously.
  • Close connectivity with the Law & Order Authorities have been maintained throughout, with interchange of relevant data on criminal activity wherever relevant.
  • A comprehensive set of criteria has been jointly developed that must be met by the Gambling Agents.
  • Only the Online Agents with the most trustworthy records and history of performance have been recommended for Registration, with the permission of the necessary Authorities.
  • At the same time, an education program has been launched to train the Players who are Beginners to be acquainted with the normal risks and odds associated with each online game, and also understand when the game is being set up by the criminal underbelly of society. Refreshers are also available for experienced Players, to prevent entrapment by oversight.


There are many considerations for the Beginner to make before venturing on the choice of an unknown gambling website. For the whole of South East Asia, and particularly Indonesia, the Bettor can do no better than consult